The effect of temperature and lubricating oil on the energy efficiency of air compressors

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          In theory, the lower the temperature, the higher the energy efficiency, but in actual use it is just the opposite. When the temperature is too low, the water will not be discharged completely. Excessive water will not only affect the quality of the lubricating oil, but also increase the oil partial pressure difference and reduce the energy efficiency of the air compressor. Taking comprehensive considerations into consideration, Jinniu Editor recommends that the operating temperature be set at 85 ~ 90 degrees, and remind users to drain the oil barrel frequently.

The influence of lubricating oil on the energy efficiency of air compressors is mainly in the following two aspects

   1. Lubricating oil viscosity

   Generally speaking, the higher the lubricating oil viscosity, the greater the resistance and the lower the energy efficiency. However, this is not absolute. The lubricating oil viscosity is mainly selected according to the machine condition. For air compressors with small rotor clearance and good sealing performance, choose low-viscosity lubricating oil, so that the running resistance will be lower and the energy efficiency will be higher, such as No. 32 lubricating oil; the air compressor with large rotor clearance and poor sealing performance For the press, use lubricating oil with a slightly higher viscosity to improve the sealing performance, such as No. 46 lubricating oil.

2. Lubricating oil carbon deposits

   If dust is the biggest source of pollution for air compressors, then carbon deposits are the second largest source of pollution for air compressors. As mentioned earlier, after the lubricating oil runs through a round of maintenance cycles, the aging speed will increase, and the rate of carbon deposits will increase geometrically. Choosing high-quality lubricating oil will greatly reduce the generation of carbon deposits. The less carbon deposits, the smaller the oil partial pressure difference, and the higher the energy efficiency of the air compressor.

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